A St. Louis native and middle school English teacher for the past twenty-five years, Edward Scott Ibur founded the Gifted Arts, a writing program for middle school, high school, and adult students.  Nearly 2,000 students have participated since 1997. Ibur is also part of the creative team responsible for the Labute New Theater Festival, a national one-act play writing competion debuting in July, 2012.  Ibur serves on the prestigious Saint Louis University Literary Board (Library Associates), an organization that has honored some of the world’s greatest writers over the past 50 years (http://lib.slu.edu/about/associates). Additionally, the board raises funds for the university’s extensive library system.Ibur’s professional drumming in rock and world music bands proved invaluable in writing Teacher of the Year, a novel featuring an eclectic array of songs and musical genres.  Additionally, he works as a professional editor. Edward Scott Ibur has two daughters, Isobella and Lileana who are singer-songwriters: http://bellaandlily.com/. Teacher Of The Year is his first novel.

photo by James A. Morthland

Gifted Arts- High School Photo 2016.jpg