Praise for Teacher Of The Year

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“Teacher of the Year is chock full of vivid characters, evocative music, weird sexual thoughts, hilarious conversations, and farcical situations. Oh, and it says something really profound and important about what it means to teach in today’s school environment, where test results can be taken more seriously than learning. It’s inspiring and a joy to read.”

-Steve Pick, St. Louis Magazine

“From the first chapter I was hooked. I was laughing out loud; the story was funny, far-fetched yet also weirdly realistic and spot on! I hated and loved the protagonist and amazed and impressed by the unique characters he created. It was the most fun I have had reading in a long time. It wasn’t just funny, though, it was thought provoking and even touching at moments. I LOVED Teacher of the Year. I was sorry when I finished it.”

-Mary Kerr-Grant, M. Ed, Educator

Seventh grade English teacher, Scott Eisenberg, bears the brunt of his principal’s wrath through lousy evaluations and personal humiliation after a handful of his students fail the critical year-end state assessment.

Given the option of termination or probation, the teacher agrees to work with three interventionists (shadows): an acrophobic Nepalese Sherpa, an inflexible retired army general and a streetwise hip-hop DJ who lays down the novel’s diverse musical soundtrack. Eisenberg recounts a year spent with these unlikely saviors both in and out of the classroom.

“Truth be told, it took an inordinately long time to finish reading. This is likely because I’d read– break into peals of laughter– making me actually cry– have to regain my composure– only for the cycle to begin again approximately every three pages. At one point, I was so engrossed; I actually left a pot of pasta boiling on the stove until it had turned into a congealed mass of something inedible! By the end of the book, I wondered if my lifelong case of I.L.S. (true confession… and rather awkward in my district administrator days) had been joined by a new diagnosis… A.L.S. (no, not Lou Gehrig’s, but rather “Appropriate Laughter Syndrome”). The book is funny. Bravo. The kids are lucky to have you! Will there be a sequel? I’m guessing you’ll have plenty of new material!”

-K.L., Former N.Y.C. administrator

“A fanciful novel about an unusual year in the life of a seventh-grade English teacher…Ibur blends teaching and music experience in an imaginative farce.”

-Jennifer Alexander, The West End Word

“With the recent release of his novel, Teacher of the Year, Edward Scott Ibur has taken the well-proven advice of hundreds of authors: “write what you know” and then given it plenty of inventive, hilarious twists… And that’s what makes the book so funny and yet, authentic.”

-Ginger Emas, author, Back on Top: Fearless Dating After Divorce

“Lively, descriptive writing; hilarious situations that are hyperbolic (but realistic — if you know anything about education administration) and a good sense of humor, hope, and humility. This is a fun read. Ibur builds detailed characters with a real sense of motion. His dialogue is snappy, dry, and easy to get hooked on. This novel speeds, lurches, jumps curbs, and splashes the right people. If you have ANY experience in the education system, you’ll laugh your head off — and likely nod along.” 

-Megan R., Writer & Associate Professor, Miami, FL.

“I love Teacher of the Year. As a former educator, I thought Ted was spot on with his portrayal of the classroom politics, back-stabbing, bureaucratic nonsense, and other craziness that makes teaching such a tough profession. But you don’t have to be an educator to appreciate the novel. We all went to school, and we all can relate to, laugh at, and even appreciate the teachers who populate the pages of this hilarious, insightful novel. I’m waiting for the sequel.”

-Tom Ruwitch, president of Marketvolt

buy a paperback copy and have it delivered to your address

cover painting by Anne Molasky Ibur     photo by Rob Grimm